Sunday, January 22, 2012

Terrarium Time!

I have been loving terrariums for a while now.  But I have NOT been loving the price tags on them.  I've seen some for over $200!  Um...does it come with fifty dollar bills in it?!  My friend Jen had the fabulous idea to host a terrarium making party.  There are several ingredients that go in to making a successful terrarium, so this way we can all share the ingredients and the cost.  We all chose our own vessels and plants.  I had the best luck with vessels at Home Goods.  I found some great apothecary-type jars for under $12.99!  All of my plants were $2 a piece.  I also made a succulent garden.

Here are the deets

We watched this you tube video to prepare.

Here are the materials you will need:

Rocks for the base layer
Weed fabric
Potting soil (for a covered terrarium)
Succulent/Cactus soil (for a succulent/cactus garden)
Moss (not necessary if using weed fabric, but makes a nice visual layer)
Vessel (glass for terrarium, any container for a succulent garden)
Plants (don't mix succulents and say, ferns for example in the same container)

I used ferns for my terrariums, as well as some white and green variegated plants for visual interest.  I am borderline obsessed with succulents, so I got 2 new ones, and used some others that I had for my succulent garden.

First, fill the bottom of your container with rocks, then place a layer of weed fabric the same circumference as your container on top.  You can next place the moss layer if you like.  I made one with moss and one without, and I really like the way it looks with a layer of moss.  The weed fabric/moss layer helps keep the soil separate from the rocks to encourage proper draining.
I placed my plants in to see how they would fit before planting.  Then you place a very thin sprinkling of charcoal followed by a layer of soil.  Next, add your plants and voila!

 Here is the container that I used for my succulent garden.  It is the top of an antique milk jug.

Here is my completed succulent garden.  I think I may add a crystal or some seashells for some more visual interest.
 Here is one of my 2 terrariums.  This one has the moss layer, and I like the look of the layers.
Here is my second terrarium, I really like the shape of this vessel and the fern.  I hear that these ferns are finicky and easy to kill.  This could be a problem as I tend to have a knack for killing plants...fingers crossed.
This is Jen (our lovely hostess) building one of hers...

Here is her other one.  The vessel is super cool but it was difficult to get the plants in such a small opening.
 Love me some succulents!
Overall, we had a fun day with friends, creating these green masterpieces.  We probably saved hundreds of dollars as well!


  1. This is so awesome - what a great idea for getting together with friends!

    1. Thanks! Just add some bloody Mary's and it's a party!

  2. OMG...there must be something in the air. I have become obsessed with succulents lately too! I have made like 6 different terrariums inthe last few weeks! They're so versatile. They can be cute, rustic or elegant, depending on the vessel. Love this!

    1. Great for gifts as well :)

    2. I dont know why either but i have been finding myself googling DIY and gardening and obsessing over succulents and terrariums. :) planning on making these as gifts too.


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