Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mountain Dog Meet-up

Yesterday was a glorious sunny and dry day here in Portland.  Usually the words: sunny, dry, and winter to not find themselves in the same sentence when referring to Oregon.  We took advantage of this and headed to Fernhill Park for the monthly Mountain Dog Meet-up, which takes place the last Saturday of each month.  It is a gathering of Bernese Mountain Dogs and Swiss Mountin Dogs.  

I read in a book about Berners that they have breed recognition.  That is that they recognize other Berners as similar to themselves.  I don't know if that's 100% true or not but Olive has never met a group of dogs that she didn't want to romp with.  
I overheard another owner saying that she can always spot the Mountain Dog meet-up because it's the one area of the dog park where the dogs are all sitting around.  This is pretty hilariously true.  After the initial welcoming, most of the dogs end up sitting on their owners feet waiting for scratches and treats. 
We are almost 100% finished with the bathroom remodel.  We are just waiting for the tile that we ordered for the backsplash to arrive.  Once that's up - we will be finito!  Can't wait to post photos of the "after".  


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