Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Just a Few of Our Favorite Things

Over the holidays (sorry....little late on this one) my volleyball team had our annual holiday gift exchange.  This year we decided to do a "Favorite Things" theme.   I got the idea from here and thought it would be super fun for our group of gals.  Each person chose one of their favorite things that was under $6 and brought one for each team member (there are 7 of us).  That way each person went home with 6 gifts and chances to discover new products.  Sort of Like Oprah's "Favorite Things" except no one got a car and no one passed out.

I hosted the soiree (I love ANY reason to host a party!) and it was great to have all of the ladies over for drinks, dinner, dessert and...PRESENTS!  It was fun to finally use our new(ish) dining table for a proper dinner party.

I made some cute succulent plantings for place cards (I got the inspiration here) which doubled as gifts for the girls to take home.  I painted regular old tongue depressors with chalkboard paint, to make the name markers.  I then tied the pot with a little baker's twine and voila - super cute place maker and gift.

I served a salad of fennel, apple, celery and pomegranate seeds along homemade mac & cheese as well as cioppino from Bon Appetit's December issue. 

 You can find the recipe for the cioppino here.  It was festive and delicious.

I think overall, the favorite things theme was a hit.  Here is what was given and received:

 - Two buck Chuck and brownie mix from Trader Joe's
 - Nutella and a Portland bicycle map
 - A Starbucks Colorado mug (from Carolyn who joined via Skype from Colorado)
 - Hanky Panky lace skivvies (Laurie SAYS she found them on sale)
 - Wallflower room freshener from Bath and Body works
 - Trident white, Tide to Go stick and soft socks
 - (Not pictured) I gave Caldrea counter top spray

This was such a fun and festive evening with friends.  I really like the favorite things theme and cold see throwing it at times other than just Christmas.


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