Sunday, January 15, 2012

Green Smoothies

Happy New Year!  We have been slowly getting back into the groove after our Thailand trip.  I have had a harder time than Luke overcoming the jet lag.  I'm wide awake around 4am and dead tired around 7pm. Not ideal. 

We didn't really make new year's resolutions; but it seems like every year around this time I get a renewed interest in eating more fruits and vegetables, getting organized and just all around feeling healthier and more energized.  In comes the green smoothies.  It's basically just your basic smoothie with s handful (or three) of some leafy greens.  
Luke is our go-to smoothie maker and he has been whipping us up these babies each morning before work.  We mix it up a bit each morning, but it always has yogurt, fruit, juice, and greens.
Luke pours his smoothie...looks somewhat normal and tasty...
and then I add about 2 more handfuls of greens, and blend it up for mine.  Collards and spinach have been my go-tos.
Mine does not look quite as appetizing as Luke's, but it is delicious AND nutritious ;-)  And you can't' even taste the greens, promise.
Yesterday we spend a few hours going through our closets and drawers.  We organized everything and donated about 6 bags of stuff.  It feels so good to get rid of things!  Luke makes fun of me that I have SO many clothes and shoes but I'm the type that keeps certain clothes and shoes for like 10 years.  A girl accumulates a lot of stuff in a decade ;-)

Cheers to good health and less clutter  in the new year!

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