Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A December to Remember

Happy New Year! Well, it's a good thing that blogging is not my job - or else I'd be FIRED, ha! Let's play catch up shall we?

We had several "firsts"this Christmas: First Christmas at the house, Our first Christmas spent together and Olive's first Christmas! So, we were excited to stay home in Oregon to enjoy the festivities and create some of our own traditions. We kicked off the season with an "ugly Christmas sweater party" at our house. Even the doggies got in the spirit!

The week of Christmas, we decided to take advantage of the snow on Mt. Hood and go snowshoeing. Olive was able to release her her inner Mountain-dog. She throughly enjoyed her first snow trekking adventure, which wouldn't be complete without a little rolling in the snow.Luke used his time off work to complete his custom dog bowl stand for Olive. I had seen these at our local specialty pet supply stores and thought Olive would benefit from one as she got bigger - the only trouble was they were asking around $75 for them!! So, I took a picture of one and asked ole' engineer Luke if he could build one - and without pause he began. We got some reclaimed wood from the local Rebuilding Center for about $3, used some stain and sealant leftover from the driveway gate - and voila!
Olive loves not having to strain her neck to eat and drink anymore :) And Luke is very pround of himself (as he should be).
I don;t think Olive knew what to make of all the presents under the tree at first.
But as soon as she stuck her nose through the wrapping paper on her first present; she was sold.
Luke in his new custom Timbers jersey. He's all ready for the new MLS season!
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