Thursday, November 10, 2011

Living Room Re-Mix

Luke had to work this past Saturday so I took it upon myself to move around the furniture in the living room to create a shared dining/living room space. I alluded to my plans in this post.  Yes, I moved it all around myself.  There was a moment when I was carrying the giant leather ottoman down to the basement, teetering forward towards imminent devastation of both me and the ottoman when I had a Tim Gunn 'make it work' moment and mustered the balance to get safely down the steps.  That's when I realized that moving heavy furniture down the stairs by myself in wool socks was not a good choice.   

Here is how it looked after I shuffled everything around.  I set up our folding table and some boxes under a tablecloth to mimic a dining table in front of the window.  I wanted to get a feel for how the space would work and what size table the room could accomodate.  Let me say that we are well aware that the furniture is a bit too large in scale for the space plan that we have currently worked out here.  It looks much more crowded in this photo than it feels in real life.  My friend Courtney can attest to this. 

Here is a view from the front door:

Here is the view from the hallway.  We plan on aquiring a dining table that seats up to 8, preferably with a live wood edge.  We plan to have a bench on the window side of the table so we can just push it under the table when not in use.  This set up still has plenty of space to move the table out from the window when set for 8.  Also, did you notice my little trick with the curtain rod on the large window?  I extended the curtain rod out a few feet on each side to give the feel of a larger window and balance the table out more.  Luke is going to hang the rod a bit higher for me so you can's see the window frame.  This helps make the table look centered on the window.

I also think the the glass bookcase with its current contents makes that area look a little cluttered and busy.  I have plans to remoce the books and replace them with our white serving dishes.  I think it will look more crisp and also help transform the space to more of a dining area.  
 And the view from the opposite corner:
Here is a view of the giant blank wall where I intend to make a gallery wall of photos and such, as I previously mentioned here. I have been talking to Luke about this project for weeks, and the first thing he said when he walked in the door is "That wall is going to need something" well duuuuhhh!  More on this soon.
Maybe in the next year or two we will get some new, smaller scale furniture for this seating area.  Perhaps a settee and two smaller chairs.  But for now, we are going to leave it as it is.  The furniture is nice, and comfortable (just ask Olive) and well, free.  And, truly the space feels open and cozy and not at all crowded when you're in it.  Now we just need the perfect table...

More updates coming soon!

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