Monday, November 21, 2011

Busy Weekend!

This past weekend was a busy one!  I had a photography class, Luke had his division championship soccer game, AND my Alma mater played for the National Championship in volleyball.  Amongst a few other things it made for a busy and exciting weekend.

The photography class was held over two days at a suite in The Ace Hotel in downtown Portland.  I have been in the lobby of this hotel, as it is connected to one of my favorite Portland restaurants (Luke and I had our first dinner date there) - Clyde Common.  I had never seen the rooms in the Ace though.  How cool!

On day two we did an actual photo shoot with a model and everything.  She was thankfully, very patient with us.  Here is kind of a funny photo of some of us trying figure out our camera settings and get the perfect exposure.
Good news first, 1) we had a plumber come out to fix our clog and replumb the drain line properly.  So, that way when we go to remodel the kitchen in a few years,it is all ready to go.  I am SO glad to have the sink back.  It's hard to get the motivation to cook when you know you will have to do the dishes in the bath tub.  2) My photography class was a success.  I learned to use my camera (wedding/birthday gift from the hubby) properly and hopefully I will now take better photos.  There were a lot of ah-ha moments, the class was exactly what I needed  3) Wittenberg (my alma mater) won their first volleyball National Championship.  Ever.  Something the program has been working towards for over a decade.  Many of us got close, but this year they went all the way.  It was exhilarating to watch via live stream on the internet (wish I could have been there in person though).  Super proud to be a Tiger!

Not so good news, Luke and his soccer team sadly lost their soccer game in a shoot out.  It was so fun to watch and they guys fought hard, but victory was not to be had this year.  The team has improved so much and they will move up a division to D1, so there will be many more exciting games in their future.  Go purple!

Thankfully Luke only has to work 2 days this week, and we are looking forward to Thanksgiving with the Zerizef's!


  1. Yes, you did pack a lot into this weekend! I can hardly wait to see results of your photography class. Nice action shot of the guy with the beard. :) Good job! --Kathy

  2. Yeah, Luke is really taking this "no shave November" thing seriously ;-)


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