Monday, October 10, 2011

Disneyland for Dogs

Saturday was the most perfect fall day - a sublime 65 degrees and sunny.  So we decided to take Olive and her BFF Zizou to the Sandy River Delta, or as I like to call it - Disneyland for dogs.  This place is several hundred acres where dogs can run and hike off leash.  The can dig in the sand, and swim in the river.  Or if you are Olive you can wade in to your shoulders and bark at all of the other dogs that are swimming.   
 In the car on our way to the delta. 
 Lots of room to roam and romp.
A little PDA from the newlyweds ;-)  Luke now tells me that he almost proposed to me here last winter.  He had the ring on him an everything.  He says Olive wouldn't cooperate - so no dice.
 Zizou taking his chance to dig, dig, dig freely.  Looking for buried treasure perhaps?
Tongues hanging low = tired pups.  And we hadn't even reached the river yet.
 Check out all of the happy dogs.  No Mickey Mouse here - yet joy abounds.
 That's a tired, wet and dirty dog for ya. 
 Luke is in charge of the chuck-it; making him the favorite of all the dogs.

Oh happy day!


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