Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bathroom Makeover

Since Luke has been working so much, I have taken it upon myself to give the bathroom a much needed makeover. My plans are to do it cheaply and hopefully beautifully.

Here is a look at the before, which many of you are familiar with.

The cabinet doors have already been removed, so use your imagination.

Points of contention include but are not limited to: The mural. Look, I know it probably look someone a long time to paint that; but let's face it Bob Ross doesn't live here - so we're chuckin' it.
The aweful hunter-green marble tile counter top. The cabinets are very well made but the oak stain and brass hardware are just so outdated and dark.
So, here you go! Here is an almost after look at the bathroom. Work in progress. I removed the cabinet doors and hardware. I sanded, primed and painted the doors, and cabinets. I used paint that we had leftover from the trim in the living room. I figured it would be more cohesive and it was free. And yes, I know the bottom left drawer is a bit crooked. I'm waiting for Luke to help me fix that little snafu.
Check it - NO mural! It took 3 coats of primer to cover that baby. This wall is the only wall in the house that is not textured. So, I have a grand scheme idea for it. Check it out here. I am keeping the wall color the same (we had some paint leftover in the basement, so I had it matched for the "mural" wall). I plan to get some more painting done this weekend.
We are planning to add a new marble (white calcutta to be exact) countertop, sink and faucet. See the inspiration for the counter here. I was going to try to paint (yes, paint) the existing countertop since we will eventually replace it, but I have since decided against that, which is probably a good thing. So far the makeover has cost about $27 (new brushed nickel hardware and cabinet primer). More after photos to come soon!

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