Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Adventures of Olive and Zizou: Part 100

A few weekends ago we took another trip to the Sandy River Delta to enjoy some fall sunshine and doggy playtime.  Our friends Courtney and Nabil and their dog (Olive's BFF) Zizou came along for the ride.  We got some more great photos of the doggies in action, and even a cute family photo.
Below is a funny series of photos of Olive running towards me after she noticed I was sitting on a blanket watching all of the action.  Here comes a tired, wet and sandy dog!

 And...whew finally made it. 

 She decided to watch Zizou fetch the ball as she rested with mom.
Can someone please tell our rude dog that the blanket is for humans.  Sheesh. 

 Shake it off!
Awe, cute photo of the Zerizef family.


  1. GREAT family photos! This post made me smile! :) --K

  2. Brooke, I'd love to have an electronic version of this family photo . . . please? TU! --Kathy


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