Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Arlo - 1 Year!

How is our baby one already?  This is crazy - who sped up time?  We had our families in town for the big B Day, which was the perfect way to celebrate baby Arlo.

He's been reaching lots of milestones lately.  He started taking steps right around 11 months, and he was full on walking just a few days before his birthday.  He has added "ball" to his vocabulary, he dances, he points to his tray when he wants more food, he gives kisses (open mouthed, only), he takes the brush to his head (as if to brush), and he loves playing with his toys and "reading" books.

It was a big day for Arlo, and he was NOT feeling his monthly photo that day.  He just wanted to jump out of that chair and walk!

Cranky or not, he's still adorable and our favorite thing ever.

 Arlo started his day which some delicious French toast.
We wanted Arlo to have a little table and chairs, so we hacked an Ikea kids table and chairs that my mom got for him.  We followed this tutorial over on Freckles Chick.  We painted the top of the table with chalkboard paint, and added a dowel underneath for a roll of art paper.  I used some foam on the chair seats and covered with some leftover fabric.  

 Arlo, spent lots of time hanging with his grandparents.

 We even made him a mini ball pit!

 Now time for the smash cake!

 The sprinkles turned into a purple gooey mess.

 Olive enjoyed the cake as well.
The following day, Arlo got his first haircut.  Luke's mom has been cutting their family's hair for years and years, so naturally she was our first choice for Arlo's first trim.
 Here is the before...

 And, the adorable after.
We are so blessed that our families could join us for Arlo's special day.  It was memorable indeed.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Arlo - 11 Months

Our little love nugget is 11 months old.  How is this possible?! He has said his first word, which is Olive, naturally.  He also says mamamama and dadadadada and bebe.  He is working hard on trying to whistle; and he has even taken a few steps on his own here and there.  We are absolutely smitten with him.
He is totally enamored with the sticker on his shirt.  And though, I tell him it's not food, he still desperately wants to eat it.  Hence the ocarina. 

The little bugger climbed down out of the chair to show you his standing and step-taking skills.

I mean, can you blame me for already promising him a car for his 16th birthday??

Monday, January 20, 2014

Arlo - 10 Months

It's hard to believe that this little guy is already 10 months old.  He is very confident in his mobility - at times too a little too confident perhaps.  They should make crash helmets for toddlers.  He can walk along the couch and likes to chase and be chased by Olive.  
This photos in this post mainly consist of us trying to keep the sticker on his onesie and him trying to eat it/tear it off.

We eventually decided to give him his wooden lady bug (one of his faves) to try and distract him from chewing his shirt.  It sort of worked...

Life is pretty neat with this guy around.  We love him, we love him, we LOVE him!
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